RELEASE 08.02.2014


CBSSports is reporting the full page age recently printed in the Lubbock-Avalanche Journal as news, not an opinion piece. Team Leach did not buy the full page ad covered in this link. This demonstrates that there are many others beside Team Leach who believe that how Mike Leach was fired, and the real reasons for it, is a stain that will remain on the Institution's reputation. It is a reflection of the ethics of a politician and DC lobbyist, not a trusted Institution of learning.

The tarnished reputation of Texas Tech remains until they come to terms with the well documented facts from a host of 3rd party sources and decide if they wish to go on this way with so many alumni estranged from their Alma mater. Hiding behind Sovereign Immunity is weak and considering this the Institutional victory is basically avoidance and a major failure on their part to support the truth. "Strive for Honor" is for the students and not the Administration?

Getting the football program back to its Air Raid roots is only a small victory in the alumni push-back. It will never be enough until Coach Leach's accomplishments can be proudly displayed again on campus. The new Administration will have to make peace with the truth and pay Coach Leach for 2009 or be willing to live with the ill will from so many former supporters.

A majority of Team Leach members support Coach Kingsbury as HC and fully accept Coach Leach's endorsement of the Kingsbury Era at TTU. Supporting the football program and wishing his former players great success in their new careers comes natural to Mike Leach. That shouldn't be taken as acceptance of the Kent Hance created drama. He is not the Institution and Texas Tech still needs to make that clear to the alumni by correct action. Many of us look forward to the day when TTU and WSU can schedule a home and home. Then, and only then, can the controversy be left on the field.

Tom Gleason


RELEASE 07.30.2014


I am an administrator for Team Leach. We had nothing to do with the newspaper ad (full page ad printed in the Lubbock Avalache-Journal that requested Tech to pay Mike Leach for the 2009 season). It was posted on our page today and that's the first time any of us were aware....except maybe those who still take the paper. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me. We still have substantial funds, but the only place they go is to scholarships.

Becky Timmons

Team Leach and The Mike Leach Foundation

RELEASE 7.19.2011

Team Leach announces the award of a $10,000 scholarship to Keith Mauldin at Mike Leach's first "Swing Your Sword" book signing in Lubbock at Barnes & Noble. Congratulations Keith!

Coach Leach kicked off his book signing by presenting a check for $5,000 to Keith, who was accompanied by his mother, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew. He will receive another check to cover the fall semester in December.

The scholarship selection was done by way of an application process that included examination of grades, activities, and field of study and also required an essay outlining why this scholarship was important to him and how he was inspired by Coach Leach.

There were several members of Team Leach in attendance including Kerry Morrison, Charlie and Lisa Hodges, Becky Koehler, Ben Williams, Kristen Arnold, and Becky Timmons as well as Coach Leach’s attorney, Ted Liggett.

Leach signed an estimated 1800 copies of his book, Swing Your Sword for a crowd of about 1,000 who came to meet him. It was the biggest turnout for a book signing in the history of the Lubbock Barnes & Noble store. Fans came from as far away as the Austin area to meet him.

Mauldin was honored with a reception afterward at the Depot District Oyster Bar in Lubbock that was attended by his family, about 30 members of Team Leach, and fans of Coach Leach. Leach was very gracious and personalized several items for fans and posed for pictures with anyone who asked.

The Team Leach - Mike Leach Scholarship Foundation is an effort by a group of Texas Tech football fans to honor former Texas Tech Head Football Coach Mike Leach.

Leach left Texas Tech University December 30, 2009 after 10 years as head coach. During his tenure, he not only brought success on the football field for Texas Tech, he also established the highest football graduation rate for public universities in the country.

This group of fans, students and alumni are not rich by any means. They do not have the ability to write $50,000 checks on a whim. They do not have the wherewithal to watch football games in skyboxes and go to games to be seen or socialize while looking down at the crowd below.

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